Who actually is best character in “The Office”?

Let me set the scene for you. The sun is going down, the kids are getting tired, you’re getting tired. what do you do now? Its time to binge watch some Netflix! I usually rotate through the same few TV shows (The Office, Parks and Rec, and That 70’s Show). I usually fall asleep during an episode and Netflix will usually play two more episodes while I’m asleep. This used to annoy me until I realized I can keep watching these shows, and still see an episode I haven’t seen before. Get to the point! OKAY! The bad thing about this is sometimes you miss out on how funny/interesting a character that isn’t a main character is. What I’m about to say is obviously my own opinion so don’t @ me!

I have probably watched the series 3 or 4 times. Like I said I’m sure there are a few episodes I haven’t seen. But I’m judging this on how hard I laughed when this person was used compared to how much he is used for funny scenes. So the character I believe is the best in The Office is none other than CREED! not only is this dude hilarious every time they actually use him, but he is extremely interesting. I have even read some theory’s that he could possibly be the Scranton Strangler. Although it could be true, I still think it’s that jackass Toby! (wink face) One of my all time favorite Creed moments is when he shows up to the office Halloween party with a blood soaked shirt and asks why everyone is dressed up, He then later says that’s a good coincidence! could this be a clue to him being the Scranton Strangle?….nah its Toby.


Source: NBC

Any who, Who is your favorite?

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I read a book.

I’m not much of a reader. at all. But after venting to a close friend for days while trying to get a decent workout in, He suggest I read the book “How to make sh*t happen” by Sean Whalen. So willingly I read it and I’m glad I did! It’s not a long book and the words are in a larger font (which I was happy with) but what I didn’t expect is how much incredible information he was able to CRAM into it.


If your like me, you don’t fall for the cliché motivational speech or the channeling of positive vibes. THIS IS NOT THAT BOOK! it’s no bullshit. Its truth. It’s what I needed. Its 100 percent a step by step guide to getting your shit together and living a life that you can be proud of. It helps you realize that all that bullshit you think is important Is nothing more than just that…BULLSHIT! This book will not snuggle you, it will not cuddle you, it wont even tell you that its going to be ok, Because that is our choice! Its our choice to decide how successful we want to be, and we are responsible for the toxic people we keep letting distract us. If you know what you want but just don’t quite know how to make it happen this book will give you the head start that you NEED! Also this book is not expensive I’m pretty sure I saw it online for $2.50. But honestly its priceless!

Don’t let another day go by living in Chaos. TAKE control.

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The GREATEST Showman


Before I start, I should say this… My goal in this synopsis is not to ruin the movie in anyway, or leak spoilers for those who have not yet seen this movie and planned on doing so. I’m not going to dive to deeply into the actual movie because I feel you should experience this movie for yourself. That being said, some things that I say or describe may reveal bits and pieces of the movie, much of which can be seen in trailers or figured out easily, nonetheless, this is your POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING!!! Now…. on with the show!

This may come as a shock to many people, if you know me, but I actually enjoy musical movies…. well let me clarify. I enjoy SOME musical movies. The newest Hairspray movie was a decent movie, with some catchy songs. My wife loves Grease and has probably watched the movie over one thousand times (no exaggeration… might be underselling it actually). Mamma Mia! was one of the first musicals I had ever seen live (8th Grade Class field trip to Toronto). I have never watched the entire movie, but I know and enjoy some of those songs as well. The High School Musicals… haha they are absolute trash. The songs are awful, the acting is worse and no I did not go out of my way to watch these. When I worked at a daycare center, some of the older kids liked to watch them. I unfortunately have yet to see Les Miserables, but that is on my to-do list for sure. Until the other night, Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise as Stacee Jaxx, was my favorite music filled movie. But like I said… that was the case, until the other night…

Move over Rock of Ages, there is a new Show in town. The Greatest Showman checked a lot of the boxes that I like my music filled movies to have. Somewhat based off the true life story of PT Barnum, this film has absolutely phenomenal songs that were not only catchy and attention grabbing, but they have great replay ability. The most intriguing part about the songs though, are the very lyrics themselves. Each song, as in most music numbers, tell a story, a lesson, or are a about a moment in time, that can only be explained or expressed properly through song. The main song of the movie, “This Is Me”, tells people that it is okay to be different. Everyone is different in their own way and rather than ridicule or separate people by their differences, or by hiding yourself away because you or someone else is ashamed of who you are, is wrong and that is exactly what this song portrays and is telling you. The lyrics basically say like it or not, this is me, and I’m going to live my life. “This Is Me” has been picked up and spread like crazy because of its meaning, especially towards people being bullied.

Another good song in the movie that had a huge meaning behind it was “Come Alive”. This song didn’t tell you to be true to yourself, it took you to the next step. The main point of this song, was telling the audience and the people within the story, to dream your dreams, don’t just settle with what life hands you, but strive to be the greatest form of you, that you can be. If these two songs weren’t enough, there are still more in the movie, but those I’ll leave for the viewing of the movie.

Outside of the music though, this movie had a lot of moments that kept you enthralled in the action, a number of storylines and an abundance of fun in it. The circus elements and theatrics of this show were awesome. The Greatest Showman lived up to all of my expectations and even exceeded them in many cases. Even though I know how the movie is going to go, I will more than likely end up watching this film again. I recommend this movie to anyone that is willing to give it a shot. not just fans of musicals, but anyone that just likes movies in general. With as may life lessons or motivating moments that are packed into this movie, its bound to hit home for a multitude of viewers. One of the best messages in this movie was showing how people from every background or childhood can come together and you just might find true happiness in the most unexpecting places. Hopefully this is a good enough recap to intrigue you into watching the movie, but even if it doesn’t, as they say…. “the show must go on.”

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What is the answer?

The recent School shooting in Florida once again has everyone in an uproar about gun control. I happen to think it’s an easy thing to blame, and a cheap irresponsible way of overlooking the real problem with humans.

If someone is feeling lonely, angry, or mentally confused enough that they think lashing out at people in a deadly way is their best option, taking their gun away isn’t going to stop them. If someone has that much hate, or mental illness they will fond a way to kill. FACT.  In the last decade, the world has experienced mass killers who’ve used bombs, driven vehicles into crowds, crashed planes into buildings, stabbed people and even shot at people with a bow and arrow.

A gun is a tool. A Tool that can be used to wreak havoc, a tool that can be used to hunt for food, a tool that I enjoy nearly every weekend as a competitive shooter. It’s only a tool, a tool just like any other, that when used improperly, or used with hate can cause injury or death to the person using it, or other innocent people.

Lets take a look at one fact. its an old fact but its one that nobody can argue against as not being fact. the fact is that Pistol Free Zones, or gun free zones are in fact criminal empowerment zones. Finding a place with the least amount of resistance, with a target rich environment with a high body count is so obvious, even the mentally insane have it figured out. Why don’t we? Does anyone for one second think that training, and arming a teacher will automatically turn that teacher into a blood thirsty killer? As a firearms trainer myself, I can tell you that about half of my students over the past 2 years have been school teachers. Why? Well, I will tell you why. They are responsible law-abiding citizens of this great nation, and they love your children, and given an opportunity to save the life of your child during an active shooter situation they would be the first one to step up and do it. That’s why. But our own government keeps them from this very task, by creating these kill zones, because we don’t trust our own teachers or school staff? I don’t get it? Should all teachers carry guns? NO……Hell NO!! should the ones who want to step up and make a difference carry guns? YES! Hell YES! (if they pass the qualifications that is)

Ultimately there are all kinds of reasons why guns might be bad – but are you going to put ‘because they’re responsible for mass killings’ on your list, or leave it off? In a mass shooting where does the blame lie – with the gun or with the person holding it? That’s up to you. what say you? I ask, what is the answer?



Is Jimmy G worth it? Or did San Fran jump the gun?

A few weeks ago the San Francisco 49ers decided to make Jimmy Garoppolo the highest paid player in the NFL. but why? Jimmy only played 7 games for the 49ers last season after being traded to them by the Patriots….this could be trouble, and most likely will be. To me this is insane, you barely know the dude! It’s like asking a girl to marry you when you have only seen her left ear! YES! I know he looked pretty good in those 7 games and he either seemed to learn the offense real quick, or they kept it simple for him and those teams just hadn’t seen enough of him to know what he is capable of.

Saying all of that he could end up being really good. He did sit behind the greatest quarterback to ever play the game for most of his career. But is 7 games enough? If he ends up being a bust, everyone will be looking for a new job..EVERYONE! To keep it simple if he ends up being the next Tom Brady every big wig in the niners organization will be getting a big fat raise. On the other hand if he doesn’t meet or exceed expectations this will put them in the same category as the Browns are now. Honestly lets hope for the best, the NFL needs a new batch of elite QBs to talk about! What do you think? did San Fran jump the gun? Or did they just change the franchise forever?

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The bad, the worse, and the future

After an unbelievable college career Johnny Manziel was seemingly a top pick in the 2014 NFL draft. So when he dropped all the way to 22nd apparently everyone caught wind of some bad “habits” that Johnny may have, everyone except for the Cleveland Browns…shocker right? But hey, screw it! Take this opportunity to silence the haters, and show them they were wrong to pass on you right? wrong!

The talent and hype are there, but I think Johnny got a bit ahead of himself considering shortly after the draft he spent some time in Vegas with none other than Gronk. Media catches wind of this and now insert that bad boy image…not a good start. It didn’t seem to bother the fans though as his jersey was the highest selling jersey at the time, which is impressive because lets face it the browns jerseys aren’t the best. Maybe once the season starts he will get focused and be the player we all know.

In only his second preseason game Johnny gets fined $12,000 for flipping of the ENTIRE Redskins bench, and then the Browns name Hoyer their starting QB. As expected Hoyers stint was not going to lead them to the playoffs. If it was this year however he might have, considering we got second string QBs putting on clinics. So early September Johnny gets his chance to shine when coming in for the struggling Hoyer, it didn’t go great…not at all. Still the Browns still see him as their starter. Until he gets into a bar fight with friends. But the NFL must play on, Manziel makes his starting debut and struggles, and then the next week his season ends with a hamstring injury.

Johnny actually enters rehab and reports multiple times on twitter and in Interviews that he needs to change and issues an apology to all the Browns fans. Even tries to prove his point by retiring his famous “Money” hand gester claiming that is the old him. Its funny now the Browns claim they weren’t aware of his personal life and habits. That’s funny considering everyone else seemed to know, except the Browns…

Year two he enters the season as the backup, but in November he gets to finish the season out, and ends with 1500 passing yards, 7TD, and 5 INT. I honestly don’t think it’s that bad and I truly believe he was heading in the right direction on the field. But after a drunken domestic dispute with his girlfriend the Browns decided it was time to pull the plug on the Johnny Football project.

Up until a couple of days ago I really wouldn’t care if I ever saw Johnny play another game in the NFL and seemed to disappear. But after following him on twitter and seeing him promote his #comebackszn I got a little interested. But after I heard his interview on the Pardon my Take podcast (presented by Barstool Sports) I instantly was on board for #comebackszn! Johnny proved to me that he knew what he did and truly has moved on from it, He has even been Sober for a while now. He talks about how focused he is even claiming we will see I’m on the football field next season one way or another. The interview was enough for me to realize that this guy needs another chance. I mean it’s not like he is to old, he is only 25! he hasn’t even hit his prime years. All the trouble aside, he was a kid. Not all people his age can handle the spotlight as well as others, and I think it would be a big disappointment for everyone if a NFL team doesn’t give him another chance. Plus who wouldnt want to see a Johnny Manziel matchup against Baker Mayfield eventually! Hell maybe the Browns give him another chance to throw some TDs to his long time buddy Josh Gordon!

Listen to the full interview with Johnny on Pardon My Take! Also Pardon my Take is a great podcast check it out if you don’t already!

Click here for Full Interview


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The Gronks? Rob and Friends?

Some people are born with talent, and some people are born with multiple talents. This day in age it isn’t uncommon for an athlete to make the switch to acting, I mean besides actual facts Professional sports could just be one big acting gig anyway. But when I think of Rob Gronkowski the last thing I see is him in a big summer blockbuster movie. Nothing against him at all, I personally think he is a cool dude, but does he have that IT factor? I don’t see it. Luckily there is an option for Gronk and he doesn’t even have to quit playing football. Two words Reality…TV, tell me you wouldn’t watch a show that showcased Gronk, and all his Gronkiness!


You can call Rob whatever you want to call him. And I’m not a big fan of the team he plays for, but there is no denying when he is healthy, he is the best tight end to ever play the game, and during interviews he is extremely entertaining. I’m sure he surrounds himself with interesting people, and in the offseason goes to many interesting places. I think it would be a good mix of Jersey Shore and Hard Knocks. So don’t give up Gronk, you are making millions and will continue to make millions. So you might as well just add a few more million, on top of those millions. Get healthy, stay healthy, I’m ready for Brady to retire but Gronk still has some smashing to do! (just not against my Lions)

Regardless of the decision he makes, i still wouldnt mind drinking a few beers with Robert…we are on full name basis so its cool.


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